The controlled blending : your guarantee of complete traceability

Our know how involves working with small quantities, often down to a microgram, and with active nutrients in a complex nutritional base. So the formula developed for you by Even Santé Industrie will be our response to the nutritional profile that you have defined.

The first key stage in the manufacture of your products is the controlled blending: we know how to use each ingredient, even when the complexity of the formulas makes them highly viscous, and we can guarantee complete traceability of each ingredient throughout production.

The controlled blending relies not only on equipment, but also on the expertise that Even Santé Industrie has acquired during its long experience of the production of complex formulas.

Sterilisation : your guarantee of food safety at the highest level

Because it has chosen the most appropriate technologies and sterilising equipment, Even Santé Industrie can perform heat treatment not only on complex formulas with high viscosities, but also on products with pieces such as compotes, rice, as well as sauces and convenience food.

Aseptic packaging : your guarantee of a safe, long shelf life product

Even Santé Industrie allows you to decide between 3 types of packaging:

- In briks : from 200 to 500 ml (2 aseptic lines available)

- In cups : with 75 and 95 mm diameters (2 aseptic lines available)

- In bottles : from 90 ml to 500 ml (1 aseptic line available).

Product development : your guarantee of our expertise serving your innovations

So that all your projects reach a successful conclusion, Even Santé Industrie has a strong R&D team comprising 4 engineers and 4 technicians.

Each engineer is a project leader, with an overall view and a total control of projects in progress. The project leader is the essential link between the various departments within Even Santé Industrie, to ensure the proper running and successful conclusion of each development. In addition, working closely with the Purchasing Department from the beginning of the projects enables to select the ingredients and packaging for the products which are the most appropriate in terms of both quality and cost.

The R&D Department has an experimental technology hall where samples and prototypes can be made. Various kinds of measuring equipment allow the products to be followed throughout their development (rheology, pH, flavour and aroma characteristics etc.).