Case study

Smoothies: Fruits come first.

 Combining fruit softness and nutritional value of proteins, Even Santé Industrie developed for you two delicious smoothies, as part of a diet:

-         The low-calorie snack smoothie :

Its nutritional composition, with high protein (31 % of the AET) and low carbohydrate (twice less than a standard smoothie) contents and its good fruity taste make it the ideal greedy break.

-         The meal replacement smoothie :

Enriched with protein, minerals and vitamins, its complete and healthful nutritional composition make it perfect to replace a meal. Its formula, made with concentrated fruit juices, gives it an original flavour, just for a pleasant alternative.


Asepticaly filled, the smoothies can be stored several months at ambient temperature. But, for greater enjoyment, savour them chilled !!!


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