Case study


In order to respond to market demand, Even Santé Industries has developed two new sizes of bottles, both intended for aseptic packaging.

-    The 100 ml bottle, made of an oxygen and/or light barrier material, depending on the choice of an opaque or translucent bottle.
This small size bottle is particularly well suited for packaging of food supplements, functional food or baby food.

-    The 300 ml bottle, also oxygen and light barrier, will suit products of clinical nutrition, sports nutrition or dietary aids.

These new sizes are available now and extend the current range of 125 ml and 200 ml bottles.

Depending on the markets for which your products are intended, all of our bottles can be grouped together in filmed boxes 24 units, or in clusters of 2, 3 of 6 bottles.

Please contact us for any additional information : our teams are there to give life to your projects.