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New sizes of bottles

In order to respond to market demand, Even Santé Industries has developed two new sizes of bottles, both intended for aseptic packaging.

-   The 100 ml bottle, made of an oxygen and/or light barrier material, depending on the choice of an opaque or translucent bottle.
This small size bottle is particularly well suited for packaging of food supplements, functional food or baby food.

-   The 300 ml bottle, also oxygen and light barrier, will suit products of clinical nutrition, sports nutrition or dietary aids.

These new sizes are available now and extend the current range of 125 ml and 200 ml bottles.

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Smoothies : fruits come first


Combining fruit softness and nutritional value of proteins, Even Santé Industrie developed for you two delicious smoothies, as part of a diet:

     -     The low-calorie snack smoothie

     -     The meal replacement smoothie

Asepticaly filled, the smoothies can be stored several months at ambient temperature. But, for greater enjoyment, savour them chilled !!!

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A new range of low calorie snacks !


A new range of low calorie snacks !
You are an actor in dietetics ?
You are looking to differentiate yourself by offering your customers ready- to-use snacks ?
Even Santé Industrie offers you a complete range of low calorie snacks in various forms : soups, milk drinks, dessert creams ...
that we can adapt to your wishes in terms of nutritional profile, taste, texture, so that these products become yours.
Please, feel free to contact us !

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Even Santé Industrie : the 125 ml bottle arrived !


The 125 ml bottle arrived !

This is the last born of Even Santé Industrie. It is designed in a material to preserve the integrity of trace elements, vitamins or any other nutrient throughout the selflife of the final product.

Its small size is adapted to complex formulas like "unit dose."

A new packaging for specific nutrients to fit with nutritional needs.

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Even Santé Industrie, your partner for your launches


Like us, you are a manufacturer, and you wish to launch an innovation on the market, but your forecasts for the first year are not high enough to be profitable on your own production lines.

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Even Santé Industrie: bottles: packaging which is both practical and contemporary

You are looking for a container which will promote your products?

You are looking for a practical container which is attractive and modern?

You are looking for a single unit “daily dose” packaging to carry an active nutrient?

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